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Hollywood Undead Release Details For American Tragedy

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They’ve now released the details of their second studio album, American Tragedy. Set to be out April, 5th, it will be fourteen songs, plus an addition four bonus tracks on the deluxe edition. There’s also an additional bonus song, “Street Dreams”, available through iTunes.

Here’s the Official track list:

1. Been To Hell
2. Apologize
3. Comin` In Hot
4. My Town
5. I Don`t Wanna Die
6. Hear Me Now
7. Gangsta Sexy
8. Glory
9. Lights Out
10. Coming Back Down
11. Bullet
12. Levitate
13. Pour Me
14. Tendencies

Deluxe Edition:
15. Mother Murder
16. Lump Ya Head
17. Le Deux
18. S.C.A.V.A.

19. Street Dreams

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